An unprecedented combination

Wanted by Lille’s Science and Technology university and the Hauts de France Region, in partnership with the competiveness and excellence hubs, LILLIAD Learning Center Innovation has been open since September 2016.

LILLIAD Learning Center Innovation established a striking sign of campus openness and an access point to the university for everybody. It comes from a deep renovation / extension of the old central University Library and its surroundings.

As a meeting and knowledge circulation space, LILLIAD Learning Center Innovation is accessible to all members of the university community, as well as companies, visionaries, secondary schools and the general public.

LILLIAD Learning Center Innovation’s originality is to develop culture, innovative state of mind and to boost ambiance. It is also the university’s center for its participants to enhance, create and enrich the links between public research, the university trainings and the economic world.

  • Show the innovation: SHOWCASE (expositions, events, promotions), DEMONSTRATOR (offered services, tested tools, expositions)
  • Promote the innovation: DESIGN (spaces to promote the design approach, the creativity, trans-discipline), MEETINGS (open spaces, informal, event spaces)
  • Think innovation: scientific REFLEXION CIRCLE with links to the economic world, conferences and workshop scheduling, access to DOCUMENTARY RESOURCES on site or remotely.
  • Do innovation of pedagogic subject: LEARN DIFFERENTLY (services, spaces, meetings), boost the high school to university transition and develop a taste for science across the virtual pedagogic tools and documentary tools.