Open science for ANR and H2020 projects

Research funding agencies have more and more expectations on open science, from the building of the projects until their end. The Library can help you in several ways both to build your project and to manage it.

Managing your project in an open science perspective

The ANR (from 2019 onwards) and H2020 require that:

  • You signal your funding when publishing articles;
  • You upload every publication related to the project in a repository such as LillOA or HAL and make them open access at the latest 6 months after publication (12 months for Humanities and Social Sciences);
  • You write a data management plan within 6 months after the beginning of your project.

If you are leading a project as a coordinator, you are responsible to make sure that you and your partners are fulfilling these obligations. If you want to know more about it or if you want the Library to support you, please contact:

Including open science in your project from its submission

Funders’ open science expectations are easier to meet when anticipated. We can help you at the submission stage of your proposal by transforming your open science obligations into objectives, deliverables and budget and by integrating open science to your project management activities.

Doing so, we will make sure your open science objectives and resources are well balanced. It is also an opportunity for you to improve your project proposal and the Library support has shown to be appreciated by project reviewers.

If you want to be supported by the library when writing your proposal, please fill this form: or contact: