The collections in brief

More than 80,000 documents with free accessibility

A selection, general press, is available for consultation at the 3.14, the LILLIAD’s cafeteria (located on the first floor). The magazines and academic papers are available in a dedicated area on the second floor, all are able to be borrowed except for the most recent volumes.

On the first floor, you will find the hobbies collection (comic books, novels, travel guides…), the language methods, and everything you need to know to write a resume and a motivation letter.

You will also have access to the innovation dedicated area.

On the second floor are the books and DVDs sorted in 5 disciplinary sectors:


Secteur 1 - Sciences exactes

Exact sciences: Mathematics, Physic, Chemistry, Astronomy

Secteur 2 - Sciences de la Vie

Life sciences: Biology, Botany, Zoology, Medicine, Paleontology

Secteur 2 - Sciences de la Vie

Human sciences: Sociology, Education, Geography, Urbanism, Earth science

Economic sciences: Economy, Commerce, Law, Administration, Social services

Secteur 5 - Sciences appliquées Gestion

Applied sciences and management: Management, Companies administration, Accounting, Sciences for the engineers, Agronomy, Civil engineering, Computer science