Finite volumes for Complex Applications conferenceÉvénement

Finite Volumes for Complex Applications conference

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Pôle événementiel
12/06/2017 (Jour entier) - 16/06/2017 (Jour entier)

From the 12th to the 16th of June 2017, the finite volume for complex applications conference (FVCA 8) will be held at LILLIAD Learning center Innovation.

« The goal […] is to bring together mathematicians, physicists, and engineers interested in physically motivated discretizations. Contributions to the further advancement of the theoretical understanding of suitable finite volume, finite element, discontinuous Galerkin and other discretization schemes, and the exploration of new application fields for them are welcome. »

The main focus of attention will be:

  • Design and analysis of numerical methods    
  • Preservation of physical properties on the discrete level    
  • Convergence, stability, a priori and a posteriori error analysis    
  • Applications at the interface with other disciplines    
  • HPC, parallel computing    
  • Industrial applications    
  • Model reduction and multiscale methods    
  • High-order methods    
  • Uncertainty quantification and stochastic problems

Registration, timetable, speakers and more information directly on the event’s website.


Conference Secretary

  • Anaïs Henry
  • Corinne Jamroz