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[ReCoSoC] Symposium on Reconfigurable Communication-centric Systems-on-Chip

Pôle événementiel
09/07/2018 (Jour entier) - 11/07/2018 (Jour entier)

From Monday 9 to Wednesday 11 July, LAMIH (Laboratory of Industrial and Human Automation control, Mechanical engineering and Computer Science) of the University of Valenciennes and CRIStAL (Research center in Computer Science, Signal and Automatic Control of Lille) of the University of Lille are at LILLIAD for the 8th International Symposium on Reconfigurable Communication-centric Systems-on-Chip.

« The areas of interest include (but are not limited to) :

  • New paradigms for reconfigurable and communication-centric computing 
  • Reconfigurable and adaptive embedded SoCs 
  • Communication-centric design techniques at different abstraction levels
  • On-chip communication architectures
  • Low power design of reconfigurable and multiprocessor SoCs 
  • Communication-aware multiprocessor embedded systems
  • OS and middleware for reconfigurable and multicore SoCs 
  • Specification languages and design methodologies
  • Verification and evaluation techniques 
  • Industrial case studies: HPC, Routers, Mobile systems, Transportation syst. etc. » 1

Visit the symposium’s website for more details.


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